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MyTMAR offers an Exclusive Buyers Cash Back Rebate program giving you thousands of dollars back from real estate commissions saving you thousands in cash to purchase your new home. Our website and seasoned professionals understand the ins and outs of both the real estate and mortgage process to help you navigate through the twists and turns you face with your new home financing.


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Now buying a home with MyTMAR provides you with tools, techniques and strategies that saves thousands on your dream house on agent fees that would typically come out of your pocket.

All you have to do is a little legwork. Simply identify a property that you want to make an offer. Our Federally Licensed and Regulated network realtors will write your offer and handle all the negotiations and paperwork for you. How you save... A typical agent representing a buyer normally gets 3% of the purchase price. At MyTMAR Our buyers get the majority of that 3% and sometimes all of their real estate commission fee back, cash in your pocket. Where are you going to find any other Realtor to do that for you? Have a question or need help? Click here to talk to us by phone send us an email.

Today, there are many options to look for your dream home. Start by checking out online or driving around neighborhoods you like. Any property in Texas is eligible for our Rebate including; new building, duplexes, town homes, empty lots and more.  Plus, All MLS listed properties are available for public viewing and available on various MLS websites. We offer many of these links in our toolbox and on our property search page.

MyTMAR Tip Of The Month

You can eliminate a property or two from your wish list simply by driving past it. Pictures can be decieving but a quick drive by might give you a better idea of how the property really looks... You may even stumble upon an open House.

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MyTMAR Member Insight:

Getting your 2% rebate when buying a new home or working with builders is the easiest of all. Builders are very accommodating to work with. We have a special section completely devoted to New Homes. Just click on the link to find complete instructions for guaranteeing you get your rebate plus quick links to all the major builder websites.

In this step, we encourage buyers to make a short list of possible homes they found on the MLS or any house you want to see, call the listing agent advertised and schedule a showing. When asked who is representing you, simply reply,  "We don't currently have an agent, but are considering someone to represent us."

What most realtors don’t want you to know, according to Real Estate Law, you are not legally represented by an agent until you have a written agreement with that agent. Listing agent has no claim for any commission or compensation just for showing you a house. That means there must be a Listing Contract if you are a seller, or a Buyer's Representation Agreement if you are a buyer. As a buyer, If you’ve signed an offer to purchase a property with an agent, but never signed a representation agreement, then that agent is only representing you for that one property. It doesn't mean anything if you are intending to work with a particular agent, or if you merely spoke with an agent you may consider working with.
Buyers who are considering using our cash back rebate plan, sometimes tell us they are having problems getting agents to show them properties when they find out we are their agent. The reality is, we are not your agent until you sign a representation agreement with MyTMAR. So, if an agent asks you if you have an agent, we’ve found the most appropriate response to be:
"We don't currently have an agent, but are considering someone to represent us."
That simple sentence gives them incentive to show you the house and it wouldn't be a shock to them if you end up choosing a different Realtor.
The secret behind this is no secret…
Most properties are listed with a 6% commission. The listing agent is guaranteed to make at least 3%. Even if you are planning on using another agent, the listing agent is obligated to show you the house because of their 3% compensation. Also, it’s their ethical obligation to do what’s in the best interest of their client, the seller. By ask a listing agent to show you one of their listed properties, you are providing an opportunity for that realtor to sell that listing for their client.

* In some states like Florida or California, the "threshold rule" applies, which means the agent who "took you across the threshold" first can have a right to the commission.

In step 3 we help you prepare yourself for a mortgage loan or if you have already done this, we help you select a network lender. Each Mortgage loan program has its own eligibility criteria and requirements so you want to make sure you can be approved. The mortgage application process is simple, plus, our Cash Back Rebate can offset your closing costs or even buy down your interest rate, ultimately saving you thousands in out of pocket costs. That’s not all, our network providers offer competitive rates equal to or less than any other mortgage company.


Get Pre-Approved:
Take the time to get pre-approved or prepare yourself before you begin looking at homes. Many real estate agents won't even work with you until you have received pre-approval for a mortgage. Regardless, in this step you should take the time to get pre-approved to avoid a chance that you find your perfect home and then find out the bank denied your loan application.

The Secret of successfully going through the “Approval” process:
This process can be a frustrating experience with paperwork asking pointed questions about income, net worth, and credit worthiness. Don’t be discouraged, this is a very important step to help you find out if your down payment is adequate for the loan, the determination of your credit score to help you get a better interest rate and how your steady job gives you a better opportunity of being pre-approved. All this valuable information helps you determine if there are any drawbacks through the home buying process. Visit our TOOLBOX for more detailed information

Need Credit Repair… No Problem!
Sometimes we need to troubleshoot with a little credit repair. No problem, our network offers credit repair service providers that are there to help you resolve your financial difficulties helping you rebuild strong credit foundations and move forward to a better future.


Now it’s the step to call MyTMAR!

When you find your dream home, Contact MyTMAR. Our network real estate agents are available 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to help write your offer or answer questions by phone or email. We’ll put together a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) an estimate of the home's value compared with others, on the property you are interested in purchasing, making sure you don't offer too much on any property. You and your assigned agent will discuss the current market value and determine the best offering price and any other details of the offer. Your MyTMAR agent will submit the offer to the listing properties Selling Agent and await a response. It’s that simple. If there is a counter offer, we guide you through the process until the deal is complete.

Once your offer is accepted…
We’ll compile any necessary documents to review and sign for you. Your MyTMAR Agent will give you a list of important contract dates, deadlines and tasks you’ll need to be finalized to meet all the lender and title requirements. Throughout the transaction your Agent will continue to negotiate, and assist you in scheduling appraisers, inspectors or any other professionals needed to make sure everything is perfect.

At this point everything is complete...
and our job is done, plus we've successfully saved you thousands of dollars.Your Agent and the title company will make every effort to be sure everything is done and to ensure that your move in date will be honored. As soon as the sellers pays MyTMAR the 3% buyer agent commission at closing, we will immediately issue you the Cash Back Rebate! Plus, the MyTMAR network mortgage lenders will allow the rebate to be on the HUD-1. Our job is done, you can now enjoy your new home and the Huge cash Rebate.

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