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MyTMAR offers an Exclusive Buyers Cash Back Rebate program giving you thousands of dollars back from real estate commissions saving you thousands in cash to purchase your new home. Our website and seasoned professionals understand the ins and outs of both the real estate and mortgage process to help you navigate through the twists and turns you face with your new home financing.


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WE carefully select properties in Several States from our Discount Investors that fit our EXCLUSIVE Cash Back Rebate Program, MyTMAR will give you the money needed to help you buy the home plus the money you need for all the repairs to fix the home.


We will give you all the money needed for all the reasonable repairs and YOU can Choose the color of paint, decide if you want carpet or wood floors, and you can even select new appliances for your new home. We will also give you THOUSANDS of dollars to help you buy these awesome homes, so you can use the money to pay Closing Cost Or buy down the Interest Rate. 


With our mortgage loan and with the CASH BACK REBATES in this inventory, we will save you THOUSANDS in real estate fees, reduce or eliminate your closing costs or we can GUARANTEE the LOWEST mortgage interest rates!



Today, there are many options to look for your dream home. Start by checking out online or driving around neighborhoods you like. Any property that is listed in M.L.S is eligible for our Cash Back Rebate, money in your pocket to use to pay for closing cost or lower interest rate. Including; new building, duplexes, town homes, empty lots and more.  
Plus, Any M.L.S listed properties are available for public viewing and available on various M.L.S. website. 











Take the time to get pre-approved or per-pare yourself before you begin looking at homes. 


The Secret of successfully going through the “Approval” process

Each Mortgage loan program has its own eligibility criteria in Today's lending requirements, you want to make sure can be Approved by them. At a minimum you can least prepare yourself at this point. The mortgage application process is very simple, however, because of the Cash Rebate, knowing that it will offset your closing costs or buy down your interest rate. 

If you find a home not listed in MyTMAR's inventory, you can still be eligible for a cash back rebate! 


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