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MyTMAR offers an Exclusive Buyers Cash Back Rebate program giving you thousands of dollars back from real estate commissions saving you thousands in cash to purchase your new home. Our website and seasoned professionals understand the ins and outs of both the real estate and mortgage process to help you navigate through the twists and turns you face with your new home financing.


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We get the job done doing what other real estate companies or mortgage lenders won’t do!

We understand the peaks and valleys you go through when selling your home. Time, stress and money are major concerns in this very important transaction. MyTMAR is here to help alleviate these concerns by providing you with a plan that allows you to sell your home fast and for top dollar!
It’s no accident that through our For Sale By Owner program we have become one of the most innovative and sought after companies in Texas. We take pride in being the first and only network to pioneer and implement this “one-of-a-kind” program. We excel in working with mortgage Lenders to generate creative financing techniques and methods that will not only attract greater numbers of serious buyers, but will ensure that they get the financing needed to close their purchase of your home and put more money in your pocket!

MyTMAR will help you Advertising Your Home...
One of the most important factors in selling your home quickly is proper advertising. As consumers, we react to advertising that hits our "Hot Buttons", in order to capture the interest of buyers, you need to hit their "Hot Buttons" as well. In fact, studies confirm that advertising techniques targeting finance options (Cash Back Rebates, offering lower interest rates, seller contribution towards the buyers closing cost) receive more attention from buyers. With MyTMAR, we will help give you a competitive edge by structuring “purchase incentives” that make your home stand out in the marketplace and attract buyers. By attracting a greater number of serious, qualified buyers, you will be able to sell your home quickly, and at the price you want.

With MyTMAR network of services, you can count on:

  • A competent and fair CRA of your property value
  • List your home on the MLS for No listing fee
  • Giving your buyers cash back rebates from our real estate commission fee
  • A professional sales pitch & advertising campaign through many online websites, in the local press, and through our own media outlets
  • Access to our customer database and other buyer resources
  • Frequent showings of the property to potential buyers
  • In-houes underwriting with a large array of loan program options, with fast and final loan approvals for your potential buyers
  • Help your buyers with credit issues through our Credit Restore Pro
  • Customized contracts for complete freedom & financial security

Advertise, advertise, advertise… because exposure is one of the key factors to selling your home. MyTMAR can help you create a plan that will help you understand the importance of marketing your property, how to create successful advertising and how to attract qualified buyers to your property. We give you all the tools you'll need in our sellers toolbox. Just click on the link below!

Being a member of the MyTMAR Network allows you access to our affiliated real estate companies who will list your home in the multiple listing services (MLS) for No Listing Fee... what realtor will do that for you? The MLS is a sharing of comprehensive home information where listings brokers enter data about a home. It's an online software that contains all the specifics about a home, from the address, age, square footage, number of bedrooms, baths, upgrades and schools districts to types of financing the seller will consider, and more. There is typically at least one to a dozen photographs of the home. 

Did You Know three out of four prospective homebuyers actually drive by a property they’re considering purchasing before they call an agent. They are often looking for more information and  want it immediately. Without a drive by sign, the prospective buyer will drive away and you'll miss the opportunity to capture them and the potential sale of your home. At MyTMAR, members have access to the 800Powerline call capture which is a virtual brochure that never needs restocking. This service will talk all about your home and they will receive photos of your home on their mobile phone. It also captures the lead 24 hours a day every time, the moment it happens. Simple sign riders instruct buyers to receive property information by recorded message or text, and call capture steps in. Not having to call a live sales person to receive this information increases your market response significantly. 
Each 800Powerline Call Capture Service Includes:

  • You get immediate notification of lead with phone number, name, address (when available) and Do Not Call Registry status.
  • Instant live transfer to you or our real estate agent.
  • Ad source tracking so you know what ads work and which do not.
  • Click here for Mobile Marketing - SMS/text messaging access includes property info, pictures and you or agent business card.
  • Automatic integration of lead to various CRM platforms Turnkey business building kit.

Find out how to get your state-of-the-art sign in our sellers toolbox by clicking the link below

Word of mouth is the best advertising there is… and because the MyTMAR network offers programs and services for buyers, sellers and home investors, we share your information with the network database allowing them to help spread the word. It’s simple, the more members who join, the more we can share and ultimately, better serve our members.

The MyTMAR Seller Toolbox is the perfect tool to help you sell your home. Here we provide the information, tools along with helpful tips you'll need to help you make selling your home easy. For example, did you know that aroma plays a subtle, but important role in a buyer's decision. Air fresheners, candles and diffusers can do the trick. Your home will smell great and be more enticing to buyers. Another great tip is to trim hedges, trees and cleaning the windows. If your home looks unkempt from the outside, buyers will be more critical about details on the inside as well. Join the MyTMAR network for access to our sellers toolbox for everything you need to help sell your home.

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