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MyTMAR offers an Exclusive Buyers Cash Back Rebate program giving you thousands of dollars back from real estate commissions saving you thousands in cash to purchase your new home. Our website and seasoned professionals understand the ins and outs of both the real estate and mortgage process to help you navigate through the twists and turns you face with your new home financing.


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How does it work?
It’s simple, with all the people that inquire about your sale properties, only one will become  the actual buyer. So, the question is, what happens to the rest of those people who inquired but didn’t buy? At MyTMAR, we see those buyers as potential leads. We understand that if they didn't buy that specific property you were offering, they are still most likely looking for something, therefore to us, they become qualified buyer leads. We are saving buyers thousands everyday and we can save your buyer thousands too with our Cash Back Rebate. They just need to join the network! It’s free and already saving people thousands!

What does that mean for real estate investors?
In mere seconds, we can turn your dead leads into a new potential buyer in our network, which means an alternative income for you. See, we told you it was simple, whether they buy your home, or any other property, just by using our network services, they save thousands with our Buyer Cash Back Rebate and you get credit as well as make hundreds if not thousands from a percentage of your leads. So now let make you thousands of dollars on your dead buyer leads, by simply clicking below the Investor Toolbox and filling out the buyers information including yours.
That’s not all, as a Real Estate Investor, you can benefit from the MyTMAR Network Too... By taking advantage of our Buyers Cash Back Rebate and our seller No Listing Fee programs, you can utilize all the services of the network absolutely free!

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We’ve developed a toolbox filled with all the tools today’s real estate investor needs to successfully buy and sell properties. You’ll love the easy to follow step-by-step guide, automated technology and the ability to earn extra income. So don’t let free money slip through your fingers, use the MyTMAR Network solutions absolutely free!

Don’t let another lead get away, let MyTMAR market your properties FREE, just call us at (713) 320-6995 and you can start making money from your leads today!

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