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What is Mobile Marketing?

Cell phones have become a consumer lifeline and myTMAR Mobile Marketing harnesses the power of this technology to help you sell more homes. Buyers who drive by your listings simply text the code or call the toll-free number displayed on your sign rider. They’ll immediately receive a text message with property information and you’ll capture their information so you can respond while interest is high.

Each Mobile Marketing Service Includes:

  • Customizable property and business card messages
  • Lead capture with immediate notification sent to you and the agent
  • Mobile-friendly Web pages with pictures and descriptions
  • Convenient and simple set-up
  • Text messages sent in response to either inbound SMS requests or toll-free call
  • Web configuration and reporting

Mobile Marketing is the Key To:

Winning More Listings

Prospective listers will appreciate your technological savvy and powerful point-of-difference in real estate property marketing.

Attracting More Buyers

By making it easy to get property information on demand.

Increasing Your Sales

With real-time lead notification, you’ll capture leads when they’re at their hottest.

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